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Four Rooms

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Video of the display HERE


My love of LEGO® started in 1978 when I first saw the Technic LEGO® ads that were running on the TV back then.  I told my Mum I wanted the set with the motor in it – referring to 853, Auto Chassis.

But my Mum didn’t know what I was really talking about, so for my 8th birthday she got me 107 which is a 4.5v motor mainly for trains that is a supplement set, not a play with set.

I was a very disappointed 8-year-old, but I played with the set a lot until 10 months later when Christmas came around and I got my first Technic set in 850 the yellow Fork Lift.

That set was a great set and I loved the steering system and the cog and rack system for raising the load.  For many years after that I only asked for LEGO® for Christmas and birthday gifts and began amassing quite a collection.

I did have a dark age from about the age of 14 to 36 when I was interested more in cars, girls and work.

I came out of my dark ages when in 2006 my wife, Joanna and I travelled to Copenhagen for the World Rotary Conference and added a visit to LEGOLAND® Billund to the trip. I had dreamed of visiting LEGOLAND® for 28 years and wasn’t disappointed.

Today I do Bricktober-Perth to give the fans a dedicated outlet to show the public what they have built.

I also do it to raise funds to supply LEGO® to children to spark their creativity, imagination and to give them a world that is theirs and they can control.

As a child LEGO® helped me get through a very tough time in my life, it was my sanctuary. If I can help just one child by giving the world of LEGO® to inspire them and get them through life, then I have repaid what saved me.

About the Display

This a small fun build that shows some of the aspects of my life.

They are just a sample and are not necessarily the top ones or the most important, but they mean something to me.

Mr Brick is in the kitchen loading the dishwasher, that is something I do at home. Dr Brick his older Sister is supervising and making sure he does it right.

Mr Brick is in his workshop working on a car engine – my other love is anything mechanical and cars.

Mr Brick is in his LEGO® room building a train. I love trains and Kendallshire is its size as the driving of trains around the display is something I love to do and can only do when Bricktober is on as we don’t have a space big enough to set up a display that big all year round.

Also note that Son of a Brick is helping, this represents the children that I pass the passion of LEGO® onto.

Finally Mr Brick is at his computer, he has 3 screens as what needs to be done to run Bricktober gets complicated and intricate at times, many documents, emails, posts and spread sheets are worked on to get the show to happen.

As I a massively Dyslexic I also need many resources to be able to do a lot of things and the computer helps a lot in getting around the problem.

But its also a curse at times as often I spend more time on the computer then building.

Interesting Facts

The display is rotated by the power functions system and is 100% LEGO® except for the custom prints on the Minifigs.

I enjoyed making this display and enjoyed the small details and the mechanical side of it, reflecting back to my first sets of Technic.

This display contains system bricks, old type Technic bricks, new Technic Bricks along with 2 Large Power Functions motors and even 2 LEGO® lucky bands.

In order to get the new Technic to line up with the system bricks I used jumper plates.

Mr Brick - Where did he come from

This just started off as a way for people to know at the show who was the person responsible for setting up the show, the members of the Rotary club when asked who started the show, they could point to the guy in the top hat and say him.

The club’s shirt is dark blue, so one day I just grabbed a blue torso, top hat and a “mo” and added it together to make a Sig Fig, we soon were using it on the web site and Facebook page to easily let people know it was a LEGO® show.

We called him Mr. Brick to differentiate between me and the Minifig as the club started calling me Mr. Bricktober.

It was all just a bit of fun, but now Mr. Brick has his own Facebook page and following, we even released limited editions of him at the 2015 show which a lot of the Exhibitors now use in their displays for a bit of fun.

Mr Brick Facebook page

Set Number

Stephen Kendall                      Set Number:  BT2020-221