Day 25

Mosaic Wall



What does Bricktober mean to you?   What started out as two people showcasing their Lego collection to see if there was any interest in a show in Perth has grown to around 8000 people attending Curtin Stadium last year.

With our hands tied (or dipped into hand santiser) and our desire to continue the fan described Bricktober Vibe we have created this online show with many hours dedicated to presenting the AFOL builds of Perth.

We are about inclusivity and with the Brick Pit one of our most popular activities we wanted to include children in the show, whilst respecting the original idea of AFOL exhibitors.

We continued with our Future Exhibitors who were showcased on Day 24 and coming up later in the week will be the pre-show competitions of Shoebox MOC and Colouring Competitions.

Day 25 is a little different and something we have not done before – The Bricktober Mosaic Wall where for $3 participants came down to the Fun Days and got a raffle ticket, guessed the number of parts and then built whatever they wanted on a 16×16 plate.

Click on the photo tab to see the original builds which were done at the Vic Park Community Market Fun Day and Belmont Fun Day.

We were particularly pleased to see our raffle and guess the number of parts winners came from the participants and when you hear a child say ‘it is the best day of my life’ to win five sets of Lego in a jar it makes everything we volunteer to do worthwhile.

Enjoy the builds!

Pics On the Days

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The Builds Pics

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