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All About The  Brick

All About The Brick – Blogs, reviews, news and commentary on all thingsLEGO®.

My name is Russell and I’m a happily married father with 3 children under 6 – I know you feel tired just reading this! I started up this blogging website to help me cope with my obsession with all things Lego.

The intention of this blog is to review, talk and add humor where possible to anything Lego. Hopefully this will be in a constructive/informative manner, but avoiding the traditional boring reviews.

A bit more info on me – I’m a British/Australian guy living in Australia for the last 12 years. Having children has helped me rediscover LEGO® as an AFOL (Adult Fanatic/I mean FAN of LEGO®). To be truthful I never really left LEGO®!

When I’m not dreaming of LEGO® (or trying to blog about it) I work in the Oil and Gas Industry. Based in Perth, Western Australia I have a sense of living in one of the most remote places on the planet and satisfy all my LEGO® urges through the Lego online shop or occasion accidental delivery of Lego to Big W or Target (only joking not quite that bad, but damn you Sydney and Melbourne).

Hope you find something worth a read on here and happy building!

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