Day 8 – Peoples Choice Awards


Peoples Choice Awards 2014-2019

At each Bricktober-Perth we have had various competitions and awards for the builders.

The two main awards are “The Peoples Choice Award” and “The Presidents Choice Award”

Today we highlight each display that has won the Peoples Choice Award over the last 6 shows.

We also have additional photos of the winning displays.

Many thanks to John Geijsman from Bricktastic Blog

Check his LEGO® Fam Media Blog and reviews HERE and HERE

Also Thanks to others for photos.

Kieren Barnett from KB Videos Facebook Page HERE

Check his work out here – You Tube Channel HERE

Vance – Dianne Reed – Angela McSwain – Erika Magana – Dale Horsley – Jijin Koid – Melissa Mccarthy – Russell  Burder – Chris Merton – Tania Leach  –             Nathan Moore  – Michelle Kendall – Jenni Banfield – David Rodman and anyone else I have missed. Sorry.

Message us if we missed you 🙂

2014 - Peoples Choice Award

The 2014 Peoples Choice Award for the first Bricktober was Joanna Kendall with her “Friends” display.Please be patient.


2015 - Peoples Choice Award

The 2015 Peoples Choice Award was Rod Iseppi with his “Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina” display.Please be patient.

2016 - Peoples Choice Award

The 2016 Peoples Choice Award was Clinton John with his “LEGO Pride” display.Please be patient.

2017 - Peoples Choice Award

The 2017 Peoples Choice Award was Ryan Masters with his “Christmas” display.
Please be patient.

2018 Peoples Choice Award

The 2018 Peoples Choice Award was a Group Build by The Great Ball Contraptions Perth with their “GBC” display.
GBC – Great Ball Contraption.Please be patient.


2019 Peoples Choice Award

The 2019 Peoples Choice Award for the second year in a row was a Group Build by The Great Ball Contraptions Perth with their “GBC” display.
      –— The people know what they like. —      
GBC – Great Ball Contraption

Please be patient.