Day 21-5 – Great Ball Contraption (GBC) – Henry Ulgen

Henry Ulgen

Great Ball Contraption


Engineering Great Ball Contraption

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After a childhood of creating with LEGO® I re-discovered the hobby after finishing many of kid’s half built birthday presents over the years.

Five years and 4 Bricktobers in, my collection now focuses on the mechanical and robotic possibilities of the Technic LEGO® theme as well as Mindstorms and the new Powered Up range.

About the Display

My display is an ever evolving build as GBC builders are continually adding and improving their modules with the aim to have their own continuous loop. This years display is around 12000 bricks.

The latest module is powered by the new Powered Up range of motors and smart programable hubs. It was designed by Noah from the Netherlands and is named “01 Lift, Drive & Flip”.

I have made a few modifications to his design changing one motor out for the smaller to lift the basket one and the width of the basket as well as the ends.

Interesting Facts

To date my favorite module is the Ball Cleaning Machine. It is based on Akiyuki’s Ball Cleaning Machine, however, I redesigned the control system to be 100% mechanical utilizing the Technic Lego Pneumatic system and the Power Function motors.

The process to re-engineer the control system took about 12 months as it was an iterative process of design and test to get each functions time correct and working properly.

Find Mr Brick

Try to find Mr. Brick in the photos and if you can’t then scroll down to find out where he is.






Mr. Brick will be fixing the ball cleaning module fixing the value bank.

Set Number

Henry Ulgen                         Set Number:  BT2020-215