Day 21-4 – Great Ball Contraption (GBC) – Jijin Koid

Jijin Koid

Great Ball Contraption


Great Ball Contraption – a collaborative build with fellow GBC builders.


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I had a big collection as a kid, but sold most of it in a garage sale, and entered my dark ages when I thought I had outgrown LEGO®.

I came back years later, when I joined a LEGO® club.

About the Display

I contributed two GBC modules, called the Cradle Tipper and Rotor Lift, using instructions by Stork.

I built another module, called the Bucket Pass, but it didn’t run well, so I decided to remove it from the display with the other modules. I modified it to run smoothly, and took photos and a video of it separately. The module was originally designed by Jerome Christen.

Set Number

Jijin Koid                                Set Number:  BT2020-214