Day 15-3

Paul Pinguet

Day at the Fair


Just a day at the fairground. Seeing as the Royal Show got cancelled, I though I would give everyone a taste of the show on their own screens.

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Video Interview HERE
Video of LEGO® Storage


I have now been doing LEGO® for 7 years.

Normally my displays are all MOCs based on sci-fi themes but this year thought I would add colour.

Having my own handyman business and being a LEGO® enthusiast I believe they both help each other in my daily life.

If I am planning a renovation then what better way to do it than making out of LEGO® and seeing how it looks.

Always the aim of my displays are to entice the kids and adults alike to get back into the hobby and to show the newcomers just how versatile LEGO® is and it is not just something that hurts when you step on it bare foot.

About the Display

My inspiration was the cancelling of the Royal Show.

I wanted to put something together just to put a smile on someone’s face and get their imagination going.

Interesting Facts

Most of the displays are sets but some I add a little modification to change it a little.

Find Mr. Brick

I have a few in there from every year I have displayed at Bricktober.

Set Number

Day at the Fair           Set Number:  BT2020-153