Day 11-1

Nabilah Stephens

The Deep Sea



This display is an underwater world of a destroyed civilisation. The remaining ruins and people are now new homes for sea life.

The display is filled with colourful coral as well as dark, mysterious monsters of the deep.

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Video Interview HERE
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I have played with LEGO® for as long as I can remember. I distinctly remember my siblings and I all wanting the few big red windows and doors available in the early-2000s sets.

We used to steal each other’s flat flowers to put on our stems. No one was allowed the one purple brick which was a rare piece at the time.

I took a few years away from LEGO® due to not having the time, money, or interest. By the time I came back to it LEGO® had changed massively! There were parts I had never seen before, doors and windows were slimmer and came in a range of colours, flowers were no longer flat and purple pieces were no longer rare with an abundance of multi colour bricks available in every shape and size.

I love LEGO® because I can express my inner artistic self with ease and make it as vibrant or dark I want with barely any restrictions.

I love trying to find new and different ways to make new designs with pieces, some of which are not always considered “legal” in LEGO® terms.

About the Display

This display wasn’t my intended build for this year. I was planning to do a Victorian Era piece inspired by Black Beauty.

Unfortunately as the deadline approached, a lot of my pieces still hadn’t arrived due to the delays in shipping. So two weeks prior to it needing to be completed, I scrapped the idea and searched for what I had available.

Last year I did a Justice League display with each baseplate being a different scene for each character.

For Aquaman I did a sea scape, with a lot of coral reef. I discovered I hadn’t pulled some of the specific pieces of that build and had a good supply to make an impressive underwater themed build which is how I ended up with the underwater theme I did this year.

I was able to quick build it in about a week with about 5 hours a day and 2 sleepless nights the two days prior to the photo shoot.

Interesting Facts

A lot of this display is created from pieces you wouldn’t usually think about using in this specific way.

I used Elephant Trunks for the sea anemones to create the design with the added ability that the clips could be attached to add fish.

The sea trees in the back are created by placing wings into the slots of an upside down 2 x 2 round brick allowing them to stand upright, the sea monster was originally supposed to be an eel but I was unable to figure out how to create the head just yet, with the monsters body being taken from the Fantastic Beast Newts Case of Magical Creatures Instruction book.

Flowers were turned upside down to be placed on seaweeds and clipped on top of designs to give them more life.

Find Mr. Brick

Try to find Mr. Brick in the photos and if you can’t then scroll down to find out where he is.








Mr. Brick is collecting underwater specimens beside the hammerhead shark, don’t worry he is using a scuba tank, he just couldn’t leave his top hat at home.

Set Number

The Deep Sea           Set Number:  BT2020-111