Day 16-2

Graeme Price

Indiana Jones


Indiana Jones.

The display is loosely based on the Indiana Jones series of movies and depicts my interpretation of various scenes from all 4 films. I used parts and multiple minifigs from 7 different LEGO® sets plus many pieces from my spare parts collection .

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Video Interview HERE
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I was unaware for many years that I was an AFOL [Adult Fan Of LEGO®], so I was pleasantly surprised to meet many other adult LEGO® fans when I first displayed at Bricktober in 2015.

It was meeting with these people that encouraged me to start building MOCs [My OWN Creation] and I have displayed at Bricktober every year since. I don’t display to win, the buzz of displaying and meeting other enthusiasts is the main reason for me .[Plus I’m not that good a builder!]

Hopefully you will enjoy some parts of this display and perhaps give you the incentive try building something yourself for next year’s Bricktober.

At the age of 72 I probably don’t have that many displaying years ahead of me , so I would encourage others to have a go, you will meet some great people and learn so much about LEGO® as well .

About the Display

Approximately 60 hours of building, rebuilding and procrastinating time went into this display during August and September, plus many hours on the internet searching for missing parts and inspiration, as well as motivation which was seriously lacking after initially deciding not to display.

Interesting Facts

Interesting is perhaps in the eye of beholder, however for me it’s the first time I have attempted to create my own trees and ground cover so, all credit there going to my art director Mary.

Find Mr. Brick

Try to find Mr. Brick in the photos and if you can’t then scroll down to find out where he is.








Look for Mr. Brick in the Mayan Temple.

Other Information

Help was received in the form of parts, advice and a little bit of criticism from the following – Dale Horsley, Rod Iseppi, Stephen Kendall and Mary Price.  Many thanks to you all , especially Dale for photographing the display, [if it looks rubbish it’s all his fault!]

Set Number

Graeme Price              Set Number:  BT2020-162