Day 12-2

Lee Battersby

The Hunting Lodge



After a hard days hunt, two well-heeled members of the gentry relax in the study of their hunting lodge, surrounded by mementoes and trophies of hunts past – trophies that reveal the true nature of the game these gentlemen prefer to hunt.

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I’m a 49 year old author and teacher. I first fell in love with Lego when I was seven, and collected Space Lego until I was 12 or 13 – not very much, because my parents said it was too expensive, and outside of a couple of mid-size sets for Christmas, I was limited to what my pocket money would buy me.

I stopped collecting when I was in my early teens, and didn’t come back to it until approximately a decade ago. I now have over 300 sets, totalling just over 90,000 pieces.

I still love Classic Space, and all the space themes except for Star Wars, but I tend to focus on unusual parts, configurations, and/or colours when buying, because my main love is building MOCs — My Own Creations — so I’m more interested in how I can add to my available part selection than in how a finished set will look on my shelf.

About the Display

The display measures 21×21 studs, and is 10 2/3 bricks in height above the base. It took approximately a week to build, and utilises five or six hundred pieces — mostly very small.

It’s inspired partly by the classic story “The Most Dangerous Game” and its multitudinous variations, homages, and ripoffs; and partly by my own dark sense of humour.

Set Number

Lee Battersby           Set Number:  BT2020-122