Day 10-2

Craig Decke

The Giant Pumpkin!


Halloween – Giant Pumpkin.

By Craig Decke


I have enjoyed LEGO® for over 40 years. I like to build things that challenge me. I dream up an idea and then I try my best to create it. I never use the computer to design anything, I just build and go! I work with a lot of trial and error until I am happy with the finished result.

About the Display

This display took me about 5 weeks. I have no idea how many parts I used, I never stop to count otherwise I lose my creative flow. This display was a good challenge as it is quite hard to build something spherical with “square” bricks! Also, orange is not a very common colour and there are many parts that don’t come in this colour, so that also limited me slightly! There is a lot going on on the inside of this build, stuff no one will ever see, but without it, it wouldn’t have the shape it has. Also, for the “juice” that is oozing out of him, I decided to build sideways rather than upwards. And as always, I also like to “frame” my builds with something that goes with the theme. I hope you like it.

Set Number

The Great Pumpkin!           Set Number:  BT2020-102

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