Day 23-2

Katje Lee & Ryan Veenstra

Chaos at the Cathedral


Medieval workers building a massive cathedral.

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Katja & Ryan have been building their own designs (MOCs) for a year now. This is their biggest, most ambitious build.

They work as a team: Ryan does a lot of the technical work and Katja does story and aesthetics. We travel with LEGO® and run a LEGO® Instagram page called “Little Lego Adventures”.

About the Display

“Chaos at the Cathedral” took six months to build and probably uses about 15,000 parts most of which we had to buy. The whole project began with the tiny little model cathedral you see in the architect’s hut: from that little model we were inspired to go BIG. Really BIG!

Some of the features we love are the stained glass windows, the twisted rounds column, the working crane, and minifigure knight who has stolen a gold piece from the statue of Mary. We don’t always agree on how to do something: Ryan wants it to be historically accurate and Katja wants it to look good

Interesting Facts

It’s called “Chaos at the Cathedral” because there are mistakes and accidents throughout the build like the worker who tiled the word “MOM” into the floor or the guy in the forest getting sprayed by a skunk.

What you can’t see is that the whole interior of the cathedral is lined with statues and there are hidden scenes in the forest.

Other Information

The build will be available to be viewed at Brick Around the Clock on 28th November 2020.

Set Number

Katje Lee & Ryan Veenstra             Set Number:  BT2020-232