Day 17-3

Paul Cassat

Trolls World Tour – Covid19 Concert


Poppy and the gang have taken the Trolls on a World Tour and you are invited.

Check out all of your favourite characters: Poppy, Branch and Barb rocking it out on stage in front of a socially distant crowd that includes Cooper, Biggie & Mr Dinkles…. and Unikitty!

Cloud Guy is with the hot air balloon, Diamond guy is chillin’ at his pad and Tiny Diamond is hanging out with the Catterbus. Everyone is there, we are just waiting for one more guest, YOU!

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Video Interview HERE


I have always loved LEGO®, though didn’t really build between my teens and 30’s.

My love was rekindled when my mum surprised me with a box containing the sets from my childhood in the 80’s: Classic Space and Town were my favourites, with a bit of Fabluland® thrown in for good measure.

When I moved to Perth 10 years ago I met the guys and gals from PLUG and WABS and have been exhibiting ever since.

About the Display

As a father of three young girls I seem to have a lot of Elves, Friends, DC Superhero Girls, and now Trolls.

I love the colour palette and interesting pieces that these sets provide. I draw my inspiration from my kids and they help a lot with either set builds or layout design. LEGO® is a great tool for bonding with your kids and we look forward to Bricktober every year.

Interesting Facts

All the sets are pure Trolls, but I needed one more character for the socially distant dance floor so invited Unikitty to the concert.

Find Mr. Brick

Sadly, Mr Brick was put away in such a safe place after last years show that he cannot be found.     🙁

Set Number

Paul Cassat                        Set Number:  BT2020-173