Day 14-3

Corinne Lee

Into the Galaxy


A collection of Star Wars Star Ships and icons, and a few iconic cars.

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My family is LEGO® mad, my husband and I have been collecting Star Wars for the last fifteen years. I was four when I had my first LEGO® set, it was the one from the 80’s with the square blue or red bodies and round heads. Both my children are growing up with LEGO® too!

LEGO® helped me get my first job in IT!

About the Display

We first started collecting the Star Wars sets fifteen years ago on our holiday, the Snowspeeder. It also took the longest to build about three days, as we were severely jet lagged, and struggled to put the pieces together .

We combined our love for LEGO®, Star Wars and cars and our collection was born.

Along with the collection pieces we have two mini created scenes from Star Wars.

Interesting Facts

My favourite piece of the display are all my cars, and the most annoying piece is the bat mobile as it is very fragile and falls apart if you look at it!

Mr. Brick

Unfortunately we don’t own a Mr. Brick.. yet!

Set Number

Corinne Lee                Set Number:  BT2020-143