Day 15-2

John Duffield

Rebel Creations


Star Wars custom life size creations. These creations are existing elements within the Star Wars universe, just recreated in LEGO®.

Super Hero Maxi Figures. Existing LEGO® Minifigures upscaled by several hundred percent.

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I am 42 and have been building LEGO® most of my life. In the last 10 years I have been slowly building more and more MOCs (My Own Creations) as well as normal sets.

As time goes by LEGO® release more and more different colours and parts, the level of detail and realism only improves.

My first set was a Classic Space set, 6940, Alien Moon Stalker way back in 1986. Prior to this set I had random bricks and bits. Till my teenage years I also collected City, Technic, M Tron, Space Police and Blacktron.

My dark ages was only for 5-6 years while I focused on upper high school and university. Around the age of 21 I started collecting random themes like Exo Force, Aqua Raiders and it was not till around 2009 that I started to collect Star Wars and now that is my main collection and MOC theme.

My main goal now is going backwards to collect most if not all of the Star Wars sets ever released. LEGO® to me is not only an obsession but a lifestyle choice.

About The Display

I take inspiration and enjoy making life size re-creations from within the Star Wars universe. Most models are made as close to a 1:1 ratio as possible.

The part count for each build varies from a few hundred parts to thousands, whatever is needed to achieve the correct look.

Each creation has a custom made UCS plaque to provide all relevant information, related to Star Wars.

The Super Hero Maxifigures are upscaled versions of existing LEGO® minifigures. The average part count for each is around 400-500.

Stay tuned for more figures every year.

Interesting Facts

Our Star Wars models are 1:1 scale ratio.

Other Information

Stay tuned for next year where you will see more life size Star Wars LEGO® creations.

Set Number

John Duffield              Set Number:  BT2020-152