Day 19-1

Nicholas Boland

Just Another Town


Its exactly as it sounds, ‘just another town’. This creation is realistic copy of life done in minifig scale. Each minifig tells a story.

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I’m a 35 year old tradie originally from the UK and been living in Perth now for nearly 15 years.

I’m a dedicated father and husband who loves spending time with my family. My first LEGO® set was purchased about 30 years ago from a Robin Hood Museum in England.

Since building that little castle set, a passion was created that only grew over the years. I now build for fun as an escape from reality.

I love the bonding with my daughter that comes from building together, and I love the smiles it brings when showing off creations to my friends and family.

About the Display

‘Just another town’, was never meant to be a display. You are looking into the life of a LEGO® enthusiast and how many sleepless nights are spent.

This is my LEGO® table from home where I practice different building techniques, test out different road layouts, or try and replicate cool ideas I’ve seen elsewhere.

My favourite kind of building is and always as been minifig scale, creating a physical world from out of my mind for these little guys to live.

The garage, shops, and pub was inspired by trying to replicate the architecture where I grew up just outside of Birmingham.

The weird apartment building was inspired after watching the movie ‘Battle Angel Alita’, was a fairly quick build but really enjoyed how it looked so it stayed.

The Chinatown section was inspired after the recent purchase of a LEGO® monkey kid set (giant cool mech), had fun creating this and was a good opportunity to use up some Ninjago parts.


Last but not least, the park. This was built when id finally decided my LEGO® table was going to be my display but it had a big blank spot. When building this i just thought of the kind of park id nlike to visit then let my imagination do the rest.

Each minifig is placed with a purpose so hope you have fun looking at how they live their lives in ‘just another town.

Interesting Facts

It was never intended to be a display and built purely out of pleasure.

Find Mr. Brick

Try to find Mr. Brick in the photos and if you can’t then scroll down to find out where he is.









Mr. Brick is in the park drinking from a water fountain.

Other Information

The extra pics are replicas of the Retro Digimon device I used to play with as a child.

This was a fun but very difficult task trying imitate something so small with LEGO®, enjoyed the challenge so thought I would share my creation.

Set Number

Nicholas Boland                     Set Number:  BT2020-191