Day 15-1

Simon Driel

Thieves’ Cove


Thieves’ Cove – an indeterminable period setting featuring pirate and medieval elements, depicting two kinds of thievery – the straightforward piracy, and the more subtle thievery by the rich from the poor, as the stolen booty bypasses the poor farmers on the low side and is carried across the bridge to the high side of town.

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I am an old hand – have been creating things from LEGO® from the ages of three to thirty eight, starting with classic space.

There was a minor dark age when I first had children, which was quickly over – as soon as they discovered it – but they never got as far into it as their father did!

I don’t have a creative job, so LEGO® is my outlet, and discovering Bricktober has led me to increase the scale of the projects I work on. Last year’s attempt was about half the size of this year’s.

When I buy LEGO®, the biggest factor I look for is how rebuildable a set is – how many pieces can be repurposed for new projects and how many are too specific – and as a result, I now own far too much – all the LEGO® now has to be separated by colour and shape, so I can find what I’m looking for!

About the Display

Beginning just after last Bricktober, Thieves’ Cove is a year’s worth of work.

After discovering the rock walling technique with different angle slopes and BURPs, I set out to display this in an interesting period setting. I feel the natural look of the setting, complete with hundreds of plants and wildlife everywhere, has been captured nicely. Follow the treasure, see where it has come from, where it is going, and who’s missing out on the rewards!

I don’t keep track of part numbers, mostly because I always want to add more of them, but there are over three thousand tiles just covering the water, which is my favourite part of the display, particularly the shading underneath.

Interesting Facts

Thieves’ Cove is absolutely loaded with wildlife! Can you spot everything, including turtles, crabs, lobsters, cats, fish, horses, owls, parrots, cows, pigs, spiders, and seagulls?

Find Mr. Brick

I felt Mr. Brick wasn’t from this period setting, so he doesn’t appear in this display.   🙁

Set Number

Simon Driel                        Set Number:  BT2020-151