Day 20-3

Dale Horsley



“Gateway” is a take on the wonderful stargate movies and TV series. I wanted to use the same idea but step away with different visitors and a different world.

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Video Interview HERE
Video of the display HERE


I, along with Richie Moir, co-created Perth LEGO® Users Group. The group is an online space for locals to be part of a LEGO® community and has uncovered wonderful local talent and has become a springboard for LEGO® events such as this. LEGO® to me is an art medium and is continually coming up with new elements and colours to work with.

I started building as a child, using the handed down bricks from my older brothers and sisters. Back then they were basic bricks and slopes.

About the Display

My display took about a month to put together in spare time. It’s origin was mostly because I wanted to use the wonderful effect that stacking 4l trans blue bars (lightsabres) creates. Light shining through the bars adds a new dimension to the portal.

There are around 1000 of these elements stacked on top of each other to get this effect.

The display represents visitors to an alien world via the portal. The alien heads are Chima and bodies are CMF vikings.

Interesting Facts

Having Bricktober online this year gave me the opportunity to use torches for lighting. Otherwise this display would have never happened. A torch lighting up the lightsabres from behind and another creating the side lighting for this alien world.

Set Number

Dale Horsley                           Set Number:  BT2020-203