Day 18-2

Rod Iseppi

Junk Dealings


A pair of wandering traders are making a deal on items at small junk merchant outpost.

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Video Interview HERE
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I was five when I first started building with LEGO®, been building with it on and off ever since. Had a period where I didn’t touch it in my late teens.

It gave me a way to build ideas I get in my head.  I rarely build sets. I really am an interesting person who really hates LEGO®….

About the Display

Took about a month to build on and off. No idea how many parts I used – but a few…. I have always liked post apocalyptic/sci fi settings, so as with most of my previous years of Bricktober displays, I did it again.

Probably my favorite aspect of the display is the Ankylosaurus pack animal. It works so well for what I wanted. I tried to use a lot of interesting and unique parts and added in flashes of bright colours to take away from so much brown and tan.

Interesting Facts

The base is made up of plates on angles to give a non linear look to the studs. The crashed ship was originally built seven years ago and was modified to suit the display. It is built in two halves. The bottom half us built upside down and the top just slips over it.

Other Information

It’s made of 100% unmodified LEGO® except that one part…..

Set Number

Rod Iseppi                Set Number: BT2020-182