Day 19-3

Doug Paice

Little Builds Big Imagination


4 little builds packed with details, exploring some fun parts usage.

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I’ve been building LEGO® on and off since the 70’s. A few years back I decided to focus on LEGO® as creative output, it has kind of taken over our house. 🙂   More recently I’ve started to focus small scale builds and creative parts usage.

Sometimes I’ll start a build with a general idea of what I want (like the Zoo and the Skull Demon), others it might be focussed on a particular part (mini volcano palm trees) or a story to tell (adventures in reading).

It’s a fairly organic process, just seeing how parts might, or might not, fit together.

LEGO® hasn’t influenced my career (software development) except as using it as a metaphor to explain aspects of system building.

About the Display

My builds take place over a long period of time, so it’s hard to pin down parts counts or time taken. Though the mini volcano took less than an hour, I had a very clear vision. I spent about 8 hours on prototypes for the zoo sign until I got something small enough to fit and that worked with the aesthetic. I’m really happy with the parts usage in there: tractor tread for the fence, garage door for the hot house, of course the animals were the most fun there. See if you can find the panda!

My favourite is “Adventures in Reading” you have a little girl who has been reading a book, it comes to life and she’s jumping into the story. The little girl is modelled after my 6 year old daughter Tilda.

Skull Demon was good fun, but is a little fragile, I was rebuilding sections as the photographer came, all due to a dusting mishap!

Interesting Facts

The zoo is on the Micropolis scale standard and is designed to clip together with other city blocks, I’ve got plans to extend to a museum and a fun park in the future.

Find Mr Brick

He’s not there (unless those are his bones under the demon)!

Other Information

I find having a constraint:  Micropolis scale, 16×16 footprint, find a cool use for “this” part, really frees my imagination and lets me focus when the possibilities with LEGO® are endless.

Set Number

Doug Paice                            Set Number:  BT2020-193