Day 18-1

John Geijsman

Chinese New Year Market


A Chinese New Year Festival, complete with Chinese Lions, a Dragon, food, markets and more!

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I’ve been a fan of LEGO® for a long time, but got back into it after my dark ages by starting BricktasticBlog, a Recognised LEGO® Fan Media site. I grew up with Classic Pirates, Space and Blacktron sets, and a whole lot of random stuff too.

Nowadays my favourite sets are from LEGO® Ideas, although I’d love to see Classic Space make a return, as would many others!

Running the website is a blast – I get to see so many great sets, speak with fans and LEGO® employees, and have made plenty of great mates along the way. Building for me is enjoyable whether I’m with my family, by myself, or hanging out with mates.

About the Display

I wanted to build a nice layout for the 2020 Chinese New Year sets. It was just screaming out for a larger layout! It took a few nights over a week to put together.

I particularly love the Dragon Dance at the end – it took a little while to get it balanced and looking organic! When I added it to the final layout it fell over a few times, but is hanging on for dear life now!

Set Number

John Geijsman                 Set Number:  BT2020-181