Day 16-1

May Watson



Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown.

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I’m just a mum who loves playing LEGO® with my son. It is something we do on the weekend with my little family, consisting of my 8 year old, hubby and our puppy Oakley. I remember my first set when I was about 5 years old was a LEGO® house.

Nowadays there are so many choices with LEGO®!  This is our second year in Bricktober. Our first year, our exhibit was tiny compared to every one else’s. This year we decided to show our culture and also make our display bigger. Other interesting fact is that I love lifting weights and am a food instagrammer.

About the Display

I was born in Singapore and am of Chinese heritage. So this year I wanted to showcase that in my display. As a little girl, the Chinese New Year parade was such a joy and fun thing to witness. Hence the display does have lots of these fun Chinese New Year parts too.

We started the display after last year’s Bricktober and took us months to complete. It has some of the LEGO® Chinese New Year sets but also has our own creations like the Dumpling and Noodle restaurant, BBQ restaurant, 7 Eleven shop, sushi cafe with a martial art dojo and Chinese garden.

Interesting Facts

The streets of Chinatown are closed to traffic so that Chinese New Year celebrations can kick off.

The lions are doing their dance and making a lot of noise. On the other side of Chinatown, the dragon (built by hubby) is dancing towards the Chinese gardens with some rickshaws.

My favourite bit is building the BBQ restaurant with bbq pork, chicken hanging in the windows. We managed to also built a Chinese garden featuring a pond, bridge and pavilion. My 8 year helped with fitting all the minifigs around Chinatown watching the parade even Spider-Man makes an appearance.

Mr. Brick

Try to find Mr. Brick in the photos and if you can’t then scroll down to find out where he is.









Mr. Brick is waiting for his meal in a restaurant while watching the parade.

Set Number

May Watson             Set Number:  BT2020-161