Day 18-3

Gavin Brooks

I am Your Father


I am your Father

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LEGO® is helping me stay alive.

After a heart problem back in 2018, I needed something that would keep me active at night instead of sitting on the couch watching TV. I now have a shed dedicated to LEGO® and very jealous kids.

About the Display

The display was created when I placed the lightsaber element on the bench and said to myself, what can I build around this. Most of my MOC builds start off that way.

Re-creation of the scene in Star Wars 5: Empire Strikes Back where Luke Skywalker has just lost his hand in a fight with Darth Vader and finds out that Vader is his father.

Interesting Facts

It is built with all second hand LEGO®. You don’t need brand new LEGO® to create with your mind.

Set Number

Gavin Brooks                     Set Number:  BT2020-183