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As a child I remember lying on the lounge room floor with my younger sister and Dad building with LEGO® and to this day I still have parts from my first set from the Homemaker Bathroom set and Ambulance set – those were the days when you got printed bricks for the grills on vehicles.

In typical fashion I then entered the dark ages only to reluctantly emerge in June 2006 when we were given the opportunity to travel to Denmark for a Rotary International Convention and when in Denmark a visit to LEGOLAND® should always be on the agenda.

A must-do for Stephen I grudgingly tagged along, but when Modular Buildings started in January 2007 my AFOL life commenced. As completionists we have a severe LEGO® addiction and my favourite themes are Modular Buildings (obviously), Friends, Brickheadz, Architecture and anything seasonal.

As travellers we only buy and build Architecture sets of where we have been, although a couple of sets are on the shelf as travel wish list destinations (looking at you, Shanghai).

Being The Wife of the guy whose vision created Bricktober you can imagine LEGO® impacts our lives daily – on display at work, some building always happening at home and two bedrooms now LEGO® rooms. LEGO® has taken over our house so much that even the Ridgebacks like to play with the empty boxes!

Traditionally post Bricktober sees a lull in building for me, but this year I am just looking forward to building some sets direct from the instructions to counter the stress of the 2020 year.

About the Display

A Winter Wonderland Vista showcasing the LEGO® Winter Village sets and MOCs.

With Christmas being my favourite time of the year, I have been an avid collector of the Winter Village sets since Day 1. One year whilst Stephen was working away I decided to create a Winter Village for him to come home to with the first four Winter Village sets and a Winter Village Church MOC. This was the Exhibit that was shown at Bricktober 2014. Since then we have continued building each set and last year were inspired to rejig our Christmas display to fit our bay window at home with the curtains drawn back each December for public viewing.

Taking it to a new level we have this year added Mount Clutchmore using some sets from LEGO® City and LEGO® Friends and a lot of Light Bluish Grey slopes.

As a couple who loves to travel and watch Bond films we currently have Switzerland on our travel bucket list and have been inspired to MOC two iconic Swiss buildings. On the right hand side, high up on the Schilthorn is Piz Gloria, the mountain top hideaway of Blofeld and in the middle is Hotel Grimsel Hospiz, the first guesthouse in Switzerland, 2165m above sea level. The building of the circular buildings of Piz Gloria was quite a challenge to get the curves right, but we are happy with how they have turned out.

Like so many MOC builders we initially underestimate our building skills and with a little creativity can produce something a little different.

The Exhibit continues to be a work in progress as new Winter Village Sets are released and it will always have a place in my LEGO® building calendar.

Interesting Facts

The Exhibit includes all Winter Village sets except the Winter Train Station, Gingerbread House, Santa’s Workshop and the new Elf Clubhouse.

There are almost 100 Minifigs enjoying the Apres Ski outside the Ice Bar.

There are several Santas in the display, but only one is the Real Santa.

I have met Bond, James Bond – meeting George Lazenby a couple of years ago – my own connection to OHMSS.

The Fire Station is a MOD created from two Winter Village Fire Stations. I am not a fan of open back buildings and will often redesign to make as a complete building.

Find Mr. Brick

Try to find Mr. Brick in the photos and if you can’t then scroll down to find out where he is.
















  • Carol Singing outside the Church;
  • Enjoying Apres Ski;
  • On the Chair Lift;
  • On the Train;
  • Talking to Santa outside the Bakery;
  • Driving the Village Bus.

Other Information

The Exhibit will be on display in South Guildford during December.

The Exhibit is a collaboration build with Stephen who built the mountain area.

Set Number

Joanna Kendall                  Set Number:  BT2020-231