Day 21-2 – Great Ball Contraption (GBC) – Lawrie George

Lawrie George

GBC Mini Golf


A full 9 hole mini-golf course brought to life in 9 themed Great Ball Contraption modules.

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I am a Solutions Consultant based in Perth, Western Australia, with a varied career that started in the mechanical trades before moving to civil and software engineering.

My love of Lego Great Ball Contraption comes from its ability to challenge me but also be creative in a tangible form.

About the Display

The mini-golf course was developed from a need to have multiple small modules that were still interesting to watch.

From there, and over the next 4 months, the idea developed further into a full 9-hole mini-golf course using over 8000 parts.

Interesting Facts

All 9 putters use the same design, which is reversible for left and right putting into different golf courses.

Set Number

Lawrie George                        Set Number:  BT2020-212