Day 12-3

Scott Barker

SpaceX Launch Complex

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SpaceX Launch Complex 39-A with a Falcon Heavy on Liftoff.

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Video Interview HERE

Video of the display HERE


I’m Scott, 30 years old. Born in S.A but grown up in W.A mostly. Have been an AFOL since before I can remember. I remember playing with the old 80s and 90s space sets a lot as a kid and still have some laying around somewhere!

LEGO® is a big part of my life now as well, from collecting to building and making sure my kids love it too. I have a huge amount of LEGO® at home, enough to make a lot of fans jealous.

About the Display

My display build began back at the start of November last year when the first dribbles of parts began to arrive. All up I have only just finished, so 11 months in the making and it tips in at 14,773 pieces in total, give or take a couple. It has had a catastrophic failure during moving it earlier in the year which set me back a lot to essentially beginning rebuilding it completely. The crew arm, the transport erector and elevator are all geared and move by the use of handwheels.

Interesting Facts

This was a joint collaboration between myself and a fellow space fan and AFOL in the USA. It is a smaller version of the intended build which will begin soon.

Other Information

1431 Lots.

$3889~ to make.

Modular build for easier moving.

Set Number

Scott Barker          Set Number:  BT2020123