Day 17-2

Chris Richmond

Space Gold


Space Gold is a mix of classic space sets and MOC’s based on the classic space theme. It also includes Benny’s Spaceship from the LEGO® Movie.

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I was a big LEGO® fan as a child, but have only recently re-discovered LEGO® as an adult in the last few years.

After rebuilding my childhood sets (thanks Mum for keeping them!), I started to collect old classic space sets from Ebay and Gumtree, which lead to the creation of this display. My oldest childhood sets go back to 1979 which was Space Buggy (866) and Two Seater Space Scooter (891).

More recently my wife has started to enjoy LEGO® and we have built a number of Modular and Idea’s sets. I find building LEGO® relaxing and is a nice escape from other screen based activities.

About the Display

My Space Gold display has taken almost 2 years to build. It was built on and off while I collected classic space parts from Ebay and Gumtree.

The black landing pads are from the Blacktron space LEGO®series of the early 90’s. I obtained two brand new landing pad sets from a person who had discovered a box full of them in an old toy store. Opening a 30 year old LEGO® set for the first time is pretty cool.

Classic space was my favourite theme as a child (along with technic) and being able to find old sets which I could only look at in catalogs was exciting.

Space Gold is your typical busy space port, which is mining the yellow mineral which keeps all good spaceships flying 🙂

I also took inspiration from LEGO®‘s more recent space themes, by creating a monorail using the newer style tracks. I was also pretty happy with obtaining a second Beta-1 Command Base (6970) set (I had the first as a child) and making an extended version of the set.

Set Number

Chris Richmond             Set Number:  BT2020-172